We all love homemade holiday treats, but are there any baking tricks that save time when making Christmas cookies? Spraying your measuring cup with cooking spray can make it easier and faster to pour out sticky ingredients, like honey and molasses. Learn more helpful, time-saving tips with our list of helpful holiday baking hacks.

End the Homemade Hassle With These Holiday Baking Hacks

Holiday baking hacks produce the same delicious results, just with less time and hassle. These simple tricks and shortcuts simplify cooking and save time so successfully, they’re even ideal for year-round use.

#1: Bring Eggs to Room Temperature Quickly

While room temperature eggs combine more easily with other ingredients, there isn’t always time to leave them on the counter to warm. For one of the easiest time-saving baking tricks, place the eggs in a bowl of warm water for several minutes. They’ll be ready to smoothly mix into a batter or dough in no time.

how to bring eggs to room temperature quickly

#2: Soften Butter Quickly Without Microwave

Just like eggs, butter also mixes more easily when it’s at room temperature. Are there holiday baking hacks that soften butter without resorting to the microwave? A rolling pin and zip top bag can do the trick. Simply place the unwrapped stick in a sealed, zip top bag and roll it flat with a rolling pin. The softened butter scoops out easily with a spatula, ready to add to your recipe.

#3: Keep Dough From Sticking to Cookie Cutter

Christmas cookie hacks can save valuable time when you’re baking dozens of varieties. To cut through dough with ease, dip your cookie cutter in flour before pressing it into the dough. The flour creates less resistance so you can cut cookies faster and with greater precision.

holiday baking hacks

#4: Personalize Pre-Made Dough

Holiday baking shortcuts with store-bought dough don’t have to be considered a downgrade. Make packaged dough your own by adding cinnamon, chocolate chips, peppermint extract or grated citrus rind to enhance the flavor. For easier mixing, let the dough soften before including any additions.

#5: Pipe Frosting With a Sandwich Bag

A piping bag and it’s various attachments can be overwhelming and time-consuming for a baking novice. Instead, a simple sandwich bag makes one of the easiest baking hacks for beginners. Just fill the bag with frosting and snip off one of the corners. This homemade pipette is easier to handle and the amount of frosting can be simply adjusted with a bigger or smaller hole.

#6: Portion Cupcake Batter With an Ice Cream Scoop

Holiday baking hacks for picture-perfect cupcakes don’t require fancy tools or special skills. Scoop batter into cupcake liners quickly and evenly by using an ice cream scoop. Each cupcake will be evenly baked and uniform in size for a professional look.

Did spilled batter dirty your oven despite your best efforts? Clean your oven with vinegar steam to easily remove baked-on stains.

#7: DIY Buttermilk

Buttermilk can give cakes extra lift and tang but is one of those ingredients we don’t always keep on hand. Make your own buttermilk by adding 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice to 1 cup of milk. The acid in the vinegar or lemon juice will sour the milk, giving it the same benefits of buttermilk.

We hope these holiday baking hacks not only save you time but add to the enjoyment of making your own seasonal treats. Happy baking from all of us at Las Vegas Appliance Repair!