Do French door refrigerators have more space than other designs? With more door, drawer, and shelf room the majority of them do. But these spaces can easily become disorganized if not used to their advantage. To avoid a mess, the refrigerator experts at Las Vegas Appliance Repair created this guide on how to organize French door refrigerators with ease.

Organize French Door Refrigerator Storage With These Tips and Tricks

Extra storage is a hallmark of French door refrigerator design but if it’s not used correctly it’s hard to reap the benefits. So, how do you store food in a French door refrigerator? Our tips and tricks are tailored to the specific attributes of its doors, drawers, and shelves.

What to Put in French Door Refrigerator Doors

Are you wondering, “How do I organize my French door refrigerator so common items are easily accessible?” The answer is to better utilize your refrigerator doors. The multiple shelves on each door were designed to hold commonly used items such as:

  • Butter
  • Condiments (ketchup, mustard, pickles, salad dressings)
  • Soda cans
  • Bottled water and juices
Organize French Door Refrigerator

Bottles and containers inside a fridge

When you organize French door refrigerator doors with frequently used items, you’ll spend less time searching for them in the refrigerator’s interior. The less time refrigerator doors are open, the easier it is for the unit to keep cool. This can translate into lower energy costs and a longer life for your refrigerator.

What to Put in French Door Refrigerator Drawers

To organize French door refrigerator drawers it’s helpful to designate each drawer for one type of item. Most drawers have adjustable temperature controls so that one can be used for high-humidity fruits and vegetables and the other for low-humidity produce.

Refrigerator Drawer Organization

Most French door refrigerators also have a deli drawer with adjustable temperature controls to best accommodate meats and cheeses. As deli items are often light, this drawer can also be a safe place to store eggs. Lastly, since the deli drawer is easily accessible, it can be the perfect location for refrigerated kids snacks like yogurt or cheese sticks.

What to Put on French Door Refrigerator Shelves

French door refrigerator organization is often most needed on the interior shelves, where leftovers and large items can create clutter. Are you wondering where to put milk in French door refrigerator? Rather than squeezing it between two shelves, most French door refrigerators have a folding shelf that allows for storage of taller items. This shelf still allows for smaller items to be stored behind it.

We also suggest designating shelving areas for certain types of foods such as snacks, prepared vegetables, and leftovers. These specific tricks for storing leftovers can also make better use of shelf space:

  • Use stackable containers that take up less space on each shelf
  • Make sure containers are clear so stored food is easy to see
  • Label and date containers so their contents and shelf life are clear

For proper refrigerator maintenance of all storage space, we recommend cleaning out your refrigerator on a monthly basis, disposing of any old or expired food.

With these tips to better organize French door refrigerator doors, drawers, and shelves, you can make the most of your refrigerator’s design. In addition, better organization can also lead to greater energy efficiency and a longer life for your hard-working refrigerator!