That rapid-fire clicking you hear when you fire up the range is a welcome sound when it does its job. On the other hand, if your range won’t stop clicking when off, it gets pretty annoying. There are a number of things that can cause this problem.

Food debris clogging the ignitors, moisture trapped where it should be dry, burner caps misaligned… these are all possible culprits to untimely and incessant clicking.

Range Won’t Stop Clicking When Off? This Might Be Why.

Let’s take a look at why your range won’t stop clicking and what you can do about it.

Range Won’t Stop Clicking Due To Food Debris

If your range won’t stop clicking when off, food debris could be clogging the ignition system. Inevitably, food spills and drops into the burner housing. When left uncleaned, it becomes clogged and more food buildup occurs. This debris can prevent the ignitor from being able to light the burner flame. When igniters click after burner turned off they may just need a cleaning.

Follow these steps to clean off food debris:

  • Unplug appliance for safety
  • Remove burner cap
  • Use clean, dry toothbrush to gently scrub away food debris around burner, knobs, and igniter
  • Use Q-tip dipped in alcohol to remove any remaining residue around burner

If stuck-on food debris is the problem, this should solve it.

igniters click after burner turned off

Image from Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove


Range Won’t Stop Clicking Due to Excess Moisture

If you’re wondering why your range won’t stop clicking when off, there may be moisture in the burner area. We aren’t accusing you of being a messy chef, but stuff happens. Sauces boil and splatter, pots boil over… cooking isn’t always a tidy process.

Another way moisture gets in the burner is from aggressive cleaning and/or spray cleaners. If you’ve cleaned your range recently, you may have accidentally gotten water or cleaning product into the burner area. Nevertheless, when too much moisture gets in and around the burner or on the switches, it causes the igniter to keep click-click-clicking.

Use these tips to dry off range burners:

  • Unplug appliance
  • Remove knobs and burner caps
  • Lift stovetop
  • Remove moisture with paper towel, then allow to air dry for a few hours
  • Remember to plug into the power source before trying to light it up again

Range Won’t Stop Clicking Because Burner Cap is Misaligned

Burner caps need to be carefully aligned for the ignition system to work correctly. The range won’t stop clicking when off if the burner caps are even slightly askew. This problem is an easy fix.

Simply realign the burner cap:

  • Make sure range is completely cool
  • Remove burner grate
  • Remove burner cap and reposition it to ensure correct alignment
range won't stop clicking when off

Image from Whirlpool


Range Won’t Stop Clicking Because of Faulty Parts

If troubleshooting your range won’t stop clicking when off doesn’t solve the issue or you don’t want to bother with troubleshooting yourself, then hire a qualified range repair technician to diagnose the problem. You may have defective parts that need repair or replacement and that’s best left to a professional.

Some of the most commonly-failed parts that lead to burners constantly clicking include:

  • Spark module
  • Spark ignition switch
  • Ignitor