Have you noticed your refrigerator runs loud? A low hum is normal, but excessive noise is a cause for concern. Usually, when there is a serious issue, you’ll notice other problems alongside weird noises. Things to look out for include your refrigerator not cooling and the ice maker not working.

4 Reasons Your Refrigerator Runs Loud

Before calling in the experts, do some troubleshooting. If you’re handy, you may be able to repair some of these issues yourself:

#1. Fan Blade Obstruction

Often the cause of a refrigerator making loud noises is due to a fan blade. The culprit could be one of two fans: the condenser fan or the evaporator fan.

What Can Go Wrong

Dust and other debris can obstruct these fans. Either the fans are hitting something or are completely blocked.

How to Fix It

To check the evaporator fan, remove the back panel in your freezer and test the fan manually. Remove anything restricting its movement. Next, check the condenser fan. You’ll find it underneath the refrigerator. Test it that same way and clear any debris blocking the fan.

#2. Evaporator Fan Motor Defect

The evaporator fan is responsible for circulating cool air coming from the evaporator coils. If something goes wrong with the motor, you’ll find your refrigerator runs loud.

What Can Go Wrong

The refrigerator compressor runs a lot more if the fan motor is defective. This is because the compressor needs to make up for the lack of airflow. As a result, you may notice your refrigerator or freezer isn’t cooling as well.

How to Fix It

Open the freezer and remove the back panel. Locate the fan motor and replace it.

#3. Compressor Failure

A compressor is arguably the most important part of a refrigerator. It is responsible for moving refrigerant through the system to keep the unit cool.

What Can Go Wrong

If your refrigerator compressor runs loud, one of the internal components may be worn out. It can run for a while once it starts making noise, but eventually, it will fail.

How to Fix It

Unplug the unit and pull it away from the wall. Locate the compressor at the bottom of the refrigerator close to the back. If you confirm that the noise is coming from the compressor, you’ll have to call a professional to replace it.

Note: Compressors don’t break down easily. It’s most likely another part related to the compressor that has failed.

Refrigerator Runs Loud

#4. Water Inlet Valve Blockage

Another reason why your refrigerator runs loud is due to the water inlet valve. This part controls the water flow to your refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker.

What Can Go Wrong

Mineral deposits build up on the valve over time. This restricts the water flow and you may notice loud noises coming from the inlet valve when it opens and closes.

How to Fix It

Unfortunately, the only way to fix this issue is to replace the entire valve.

Are these solutions are out of your comfort zone? Call us for refrigerator repair when your refrigerator compressor doesn’t turn off.