Kenmore Repair

Kenmore Repair

Kenmore created its very first washing machine way back in 1927. To this day, Kenmore is still manufacturing cost efficient, innovative home appliances. Most of the time, you don’t have to worry about your trusty Kenmore performing correctly, but if for some reason one or more of them has decided to quit, rest assured that Same Day Service provides expert Kenmore repair in a jiffy.

Luckily, finding a trusted, local company to lend you a hand is quick and easy. Here at Las Vegas Appliance Repair, we’ll arrive in a matter of hours. We keep every truck fully stocked, so chances are, we’ll have your Kenmore up and running again on the very first visit! You’ll know the final cost for repairs before we even begin, because we charge by the job, not by the hour.

Although having a broken Kenmore can be a hassle, finding fast, quality service is quick and easy. Just pick up the phone to give us a call today and we’ll solve your problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Kenmore Repair & Maintenance Tips

Kenmore has been a household name for years. Featuring large and small appliances throughout the home, Kenmore has proven itself to be a reliable, trusted brand.

When you do find yourself in need of Kenmore repair, refer to the maintenance and troubleshooting tips below, and give us a call if your problem requires professional assistance.

Kenmore Refrigerator Not Cooling

When your refrigerator won’t cool, there are a few things you can check before calling a Kenmore repair technician.

Check the Refrigerator Door Seal – Cold air from the refrigerator will escape if the door seal isn’t airtight. Wipe down the gasket with a cloth dampened with a vinegar/water solution to remove any dirt and debris.

Clean the Refrigerator Condenser Coils – A refrigerator no cool issue may be caused by dirty condenser coils. Use an appliance brush and vacuum hose to remove dust and hair from the coils.

Kenmore Ice Maker Not Making Ice

A hot day without ice is no fun for anyone! Here are a few simple fixes for a refrigerator ice maker not working:

Replace the Water Filter – A dirty filter can lead to low or no ice production. If your water filter hasn’t been changed for awhile, replace the filter.

Check the Water Pressure – Inadequate water pressure can inhibit ice production. Make sure your water pressure meets the minimum psi needed (usually 20-40 psi) to supply water to the ice maker.

Kenmore Range Igniters Clicking

If your Kenmore gas range clicks all the time, it may just need a good cleaning.

Clogged Ignition System – Unplug the power source and remove the burner caps to clean around the burner and igniter. Be careful not to spray cleaner directly onto the ignition system, and never use a toothpick as it may break inside the burner housing.

Burner Cap Misaligned – While the cooktop is cool, remove the grates and replace the burner cap so it is aligned correctly. Test to see if the clicking stops.

Kenmore Oven Not Getting Hot

An oven that doesn’t heat up is useless. A few of the most common reasons for this pesky problem include:

Faulty Bake Igniter – A faulty bake igniter can cause your oven not heating up issue. Bake igniters usually need to be replaced every eight years or so.

Broken Heating Element – If the heating element has burned out, it can cause the oven to not reach to proper temperature. If you have a defective heating element it needs to be replaced. Now: 702-458-9600