Roper Repair

Roper Repair

Roper is considered the “workhorse” brand of the appliance industry because they try to keep things relatively simple. Their sturdy machines get the job done fast, without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Their simplistic design and no-nonsense approach are their best features and what make the brand unique. However, you may still need Roper repair from time to time.

Even the sturdiest of machines can have mechanical issues. At Las Vegas Appliance Repair, we’ll be out in no time. In addition to our quick arrival time, we charge by the job, not by the hour, so we’ll give you the final quote for service before we even begin! We keep our trucks fully stocked with the most common parts, so chances are we can have your Roper fully repaired on the very first visit.

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Roper Repair & Maintenance Tips

The Roper brand has successfully provided homes with dependable products for many years. Today, many homes are equipped with Roper washer, dryers, and more.

When you do find yourself in need of Roper repair, refer to the maintenance and troubleshooting tips below and give us a call if a professional technician is needed.

Roper Washer Spin Cycle Loud

Clothes Off Balance – If the washer is overloaded or the clothes are not balanced evenly, the spin cycle can get pretty loud. Adjust the clothes in the washer or remove a few items to see if that solves the problem.

Washer Not Level – When the washing machine is not level, it can make the washer spin cycle noisy. When the washer is empty, adjust the legs underneath the washer and use a level to make sure the legs are adjusted properly.

If these DIY fixes don’t solve the problem, call us for fast Roper repair.

Roper Washer Not Draining

Check the Drain Pump – The washer may not drain if the drain pump is clogged. Remove the drain pump to check for debris or obstructions.

Check the Drain Pump Hose – If the drain pump itself is clear, check the hose for obstructions like small objects, socks, etc. and clear the hose of any clogs.

Some washing machine failures may require professional repair services.

Roper Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry Clothes

Clogged Dryer Vent – Use an appliance brush to sweep out the dryer vent and duct behind the dryer. Vacuum up any loose debris. Cleaning your dryer vents improves dryer performance and reduces the risk of dryer fires.

Defecting Heating Element – The heating element warms the air that enters the dryer to dry clothes efficiently. Check the heating element with a multimeter for continuity. If there is no continuity, it needs to be replaced.

If faulty parts are the cause of your dryer not working, our Roper repair experts can help.

Roper Dryer Won’t Start

Thermal Fuse – A defective thermal fuse in an indication of a restricted exhaust vent. Contact our Roper repair technician to replace the thermal fuse, and thorougly clean all dryer vents.

Faulty Start Switch – If the start switch doesn’t bring your dryer to life at all, it may be broken. Use a multimeter to check the start switch and replace the switch if it is defective.

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