Wolf Appliance Repair

Wolf Repair

Wolf is a name that’s been around for decades. Wolf ovens and ranges are certainly reliable, and they usually perform exceptionally well from day to day. However, when you do need a Wolf repair Las Vegas technician, give us a call!

Although having a broken Wolf range can be a real pain, there’s no need to wait around for days to get it up and running again. Las Vegas Appliance Repair has been in the business for over 20 years, and we have the tools and experience to get your Wolf repaired today. With a staff of trained, professional appliance repair technicians, and fully-stocked on each and every truck, you can be sure that your machines will be repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ll even give you the final quote for the work before we even begin!

If you’re looking for quality Wolf repair near you in hours, and you need a trusted, local company to help you out, just pick up the phone and give us a call today. We’ll be out fast to get your Wolf range or oven back on their feet in no time.

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Wolf Repair & Maintenance Tips

When you find yourself in need of Wolf repair, there are some problems that can possibly be solved with some simple troubleshooting. For more complex problems, be sure to contact Las Vegas Appliance Repair right away.

Wolf Range Clicks Constantly

If your Wolf range keeps clicking after the burners are turned off, it may be time to break out the cleaning supplies.

Clean the ignition system – Food debris and moisture can cause the burner clicking sound. Unplug the power source and clean out any mess with a toothbrush or unfolded paperclip.

Realign the burner caps – Misaligned burner caps can also cause clicking igniters. Remove the grates and burner cap when cool. Replace the caps correctly.

Wolf Range Won’t Light

A range that won’t light is virtually useless. Again, this may be due to food debris or a loose connection.

Clean the rangetop – Remove the grates and burner caps while range is off. Clean out the burner holes with a paperclip. Soak the grates in warm soap water while you’re at it.

Faulty igniter – If the igniter itself is faulty, it can be replaced by a professional Wolf range repairman.

Wolf Range Maintenance

Don’t let a broken oven ruin dinner. Take these preventative steps to stop this pesky problem.

Use a natural oven cleaner – Avoid the self-clean feature, especially right before a holiday. Use a vinegar/baking soda paste and a little elbow grease to remove burnt on food safely.

Clean up spills ASAP – As you can see, a clean range is a healthy range. Wipe up spills as soon as ou can to prevent food and liquid from clogging the igniters. The same can be said for a Wolf oven.

Wolf Oven Not Heating Up

An oven that won’t heat to the proper temperature or at all can throw a wrench in your dinner plans! It may be due to a:

Faulty temperature sensor – If the temperature sensor is broken or touching the wall of the oven, you’ll experience incorrect heating.

Defective heating element – The bake element may have burned out, causing the oven to not reach to proper temperature. A burned out oven heating element needs to be repalced.

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